I regularly give talks at conferences and public events, describing my research on meditation, yoga and positive psychology. In 2023, I was invited as a speaker at the Symposium Dürnstein and at the Wise Words series of the University of Melbourne. As a seasoned meditation and yoga teacher, I combine theoretical and practical imput to engage my audience in a holistic way. As a committed science communicator, I enjoy presenting my research to a lay audience in a fun and easy-to-understand way, for example at the Childrens’ University Chemnitz, the Tankstelle Projektraum or the Hospital Chemnitz. I have been a guest at different podcasts, including Finding your right mind and Gefragte Gedanken. In addition, I am a passionate a science slammer, for example at the Planetarium Berlin.

I truly enjoy giving inspiring talks and workshops and captivating my audience with my down-to-earth and entertaining manner. I polished my presentation skills at different seminars – and also by being an amateur improv actor and radio presenter. My presentations cover a range of topics, including positive psychology, health promotion, and the science of yoga and meditation. I also work as a coach and offer workshops on confidence, stress management and psychology for the workplace, e.g. at the Parikom Sachsen.

Get in touch to see how I can adapt one of my talks or workshops to suit your needs.

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